30 June 2016

Here is the new RAIS Visio 2:1!

Author Rais

  • With a Rais Visio 2:1, you can create a fantastic coherence between rooms - or between walls, separating larger rooms.

    You can see from one room to the other - or across the e. g. kitchen-family room-living room. RAIS Visio 2:1 is almost invisible. When lit, you see across the rooms through the flames!

    The big glass surfaces of RAIS Visio 2:1 underline this experience, also because it keeps the windows efficiently clean. Further, the heat is good and pleasant.

    The wide design further adds a good visual effect - but please note that the slim construction means that it can really be fitted without creating strong walls.

    The stove itself is almost invisible and the elegant part about it is that you open Visio by sliding up the glass door. The design and the kneeling system make the stove look very stylish - yes, it even makes the stove refined to use and look at - an everyday pleasure.

    This is simply ”first class fire”! Our expectations for this stove are big, and we are sure that architects and professionals, who decorate homes, will smile when they see what this insert can do for living areas.

    Kind regards and more information from

    Ann Charlotte Wellejus on phone 96 21 11 06 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

    Download of pictures here: http://www.rais.com/da/til-pressen/fotos/category/nyheder

    116069 Rais Scene01 Ver3
    RAIS Visio 2:1 creates a unique coherence between rooms…