29 June 2014

Intelligent Wood-burning Stove with Capital S...

Author Rais

  • Rais Qbee web11 150x200

    This is the answer to our search for an elegant, distinctive and impressive high-quality stove for your home.

    We have called it RAIS Q-Be because of its cubist look. 

    This is a top-class, high-level design fireplace offering a lot of fire! The glass surrounds the fire on two sides and is made of one whole piece, allowing you to see the fire at its best. What is more, Q-Be can rotate up to 360 degrees turning the view of the flames in your direction.

    In addition, the stove is equipped with RAIS latest technology: CleverAir. This means that it controls the air, making sure it always gets the right amount. This means less firewood and clean panes. CleverAir makes Q-Be simple and pleasant, admiringly easy to use... Fire up. Close the door. Enjoy the flames!


    • Equipped with Air-System, making sure the combustion air is taken from the outside.
    • Can be lined with 20 kg of stone to accumulate heat. Heats up to 120 square metres.
    • Exquisite oak handle.
    08-Q-Bee web
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    The impressive Q-Be from RAIS has automatic air regulation thanks to CleverAir – the right combustion and pleasantly easy to use…