27 June 2014

RAIS has Reinvented the Classic Wood-burning Stove…

Author Rais

RAIS has Reinvented the Classic Wood-burning Stove…
  • If you need reminding what a wood-burning stove actually looks like, look right here… Three new stoves from RAIS show exactly – in ultra modern interpretation and design – how classic simplicity and steel surfaces reveal peace and pure lines! No fuss: smooth sides, steel doors and clean panes!

    But do not be deceived! The updated retro look is backed up by environmental specifications

    All three stoves will fit easily into your modern home, whenever you are looking for a warm central piece incorporating advanced high technology. Clean air for the birds in the garden and the entire area... RAIS Viva 98 classic is a circular stove with a swivel base, making it possible to turn the flame view into the direction you want. It can be ordered with glass windows on both sides.

    RAIS Viva 120 classic is somewhat taller and can be supplemented with 30 kg of natural stone, which would keep the heat even longer.

    Thanks to its shape, RAIS Rina classic can be easily adapted to most locations. A large glass door offers a nice view of the fire.


    The three stoves have identical burning chambers and discharge only 1.39 g of particles per kg of fuel. This is much lower than the Norwegian “Nordic label” requirement. Efficiency: 79%. Heats up to 90 square metres.

    Clean panes thanks to an efficient air system.

    Viva 98 and 120 classic are equipped with a shaking grate and a practical ash tray. They are also supplied with AirSystem, thanks to which the combustion air is taken from outside. Viva comes in white, nickel and mocha. Rina has a shaking grate and an ash tray too. It is also equipped with an air-cooled handle that seals the opening perfectly. Equipped with AirSystem. Rina is available in black.