29 January 2015

RAIS says “Yes please” to the new tighter regulations on particles ...

Author Rais

  • The Danish, North Jutlandic to be exact, manufacturer of high-technological wood-burning stoves and inserts, RAIS A/S in Frederikshavn, is very satisfied with the new announcement on wood-burning stoves which tightens up the requirements.

    “From 26 July, the maximum particle discharge requirement is reduced by half: 5 grams of particles per kg of burnt wood. We are quite happy with it. “All our inserts and stoves, approximately 30, live up to this requirement,” says RAIS director, Henrik Nørgaard.

    Actually, manufacturers of modern, high-technological stoves should only be happy that outdated, soot-accumulating stoves are phased out of the market.

    “After all, the stoves that pollute the environment characterise the opinion created by the industry as a whole,” the director thinks.

    For this reason, the Association for Danish Manufacturers of Fireplaces and Wood-burning Stoves (DAPO) has actually suggested previously the introduction of a waste ordinance similar to the one used in the automobile industry.

    From the end of July, selling unused stoves which do not meet the new requirement will not be permitted.

    “This would probably make many home owners go out and select an updated stove. Then we will be ready with a large selection of cutting edge stoves, which are eco-friendly and high-level design,” says Henrik Nørgaard.

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    More information from: Market manager Ann Charlotte Wellejus, mobile: +45 40 21 34 72 or director Henrik Nørgaard, mobile +45 20 49 59 95