03 April 2019

New environmentally friendly stoves from RAIS

  • Now with elegant fireplace inserts for gas...

    A whole new range of gas fireplace inserts is the latest from Danish RAIS' offering quick and easy firing, heating and hygge for the modern home.

    And all that in an exclusive design. Streamlined, elegant and simple. Notice the large glass panes and the sleek frame in black or stainless steel.
    For new constructions, renovations and replacements – RAIS has a stove that matches exactly what you had in mind:
    The front model comes in widths of up to more than 1.5 meters.
    The corner model comes in multiple sizes and for both left and right corners.
    The tunnel stove allows you to view the flames from two rooms simultaneously.
    With glass on three sides, you get flames that become the focal point of your home.
    As a room divider with two long sides and one narrow, the stove offers even more interior design options.

    The series is called RAIS Visio Gas. It is designed with ceramic firewood and reflective glass stone. What's more, you can add an optional inner coating of black plate glass. This creates a beautiful reflection of the flames.
    With a gas-burning fireplace, you get exceptionally easy and convenient everyday firing and heating. Just a click on a remote control, smart phone or tablet, and it is lit. And you adjust both the heat and flames via a stepless scale.
    RAIS Visio Gas can be used with natural gas, city gas, bio gas and bottled gas. 
    “Gas fireplaces are a new concept within stoves and fireplaces. You actually have to change your way of thinking a little to understand just how easy and convenient it is”, says Ann Charlotte Wellejus, Marketing Director at RAIS.
    And the atmosphere and heat created are naturally the same as with a wood-burning stove – only easier, faster and more convenient.

    01 Visio Gas TSee through the flames: the new gas fireplaces can be used between two rooms, in a corner or as a room divider.
    02 Visio Gas RD 2The gas fireplace is easily controlled using a remote control or smartphone.
    03 Visio GasCeramic firewood, LED lighting and cinders ensure an authentic looking fire.

    For more information, contact
    Ann Charlotte Wellejus on +45 9621 1106 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.