09 February 2017

White trumps the other colours...

Author Rais

White trumps the other colours...
  • It used to be that refrigerators were always white. As were washing machines. Then other choices came about, for instance steel or coloured fronts.
    Wood-burning stoves used to be black.
    "It has been a few years now since we began marketing our stoves in different colours. Today, that is true of most of our stoves. And we have carefully selected a number of colours we expected our customers would all want in their homes", says Ann Charlotte Wellejus, marketing director at RAIS in North Jutland.
    It is now clear that white wood-burning stoves are the most popular.
    "There is no doubt about it – our sales figures prove it: The white stoves have a clear lead as the most popular colour. It is a clear trend.”
    Perhaps this is a reflection of the appeal to many of the pure and simple Nordic style. When this kind of thing happens over a longer period – in spite of different trends in design with colours and different materials and expressions – we call it a classic style. Something that lasts. For now, you could say that the home's interior can still be light and simple. Some of the new design tendencies also represent a somewhat delicate style.
    "This is where the white stove fits in. Moreover, it is very easy to design with, because there is almost always another white object that matches. We expect to ship a lot of all white wood-burning stoves from the factory in the coming years", says Ann Charlotte Wellejus.
    RAIS markets thirteen different models of wood-burning stoves that are available in white. On top of this, as already mentioned, is a range of other colours – from mocha to silver. A single oven comes in rust-red, with a natural patinated surface.

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    Strong trend: White! Pictured here is a RAIS Viva L 120.
    Sincerely yours,
    Ann Charlotte Wellejus, tel. + 45 4021 3472
    Marketing Director, RAIS