02 September 2019

RAIS is first with a wide assortment of gas fireplaces...

  • As the first Danish manufacturer of fireplaces, RAIS is now investing heavily in gas and launching a wide selection of gas-burning stoves and fireplaces.

    “We offer modern technology and design and brand new opportunities to have a live fire in your home that produces both heat and “hygge”. The technology has become so good that the flames offer both depth and variation – the fire really burns beautifully,” says Managing Director Henrik Nørgaard.

    “We find that consumers mainly just want to enjoy themselves in front of the fire in their home – more than they wish to heat their home. Another clear trend is that they prefer ease and convenience. With a gas stove, you can light/extinguish and turn up and down the flames with the remote control or a smartphone. Once the stove is ready, there is nothing left to do – it doesn’t get any easier,” says Nørgaard.

    The new assortment from RAIS includes 10 free-standing gas stoves and 16 different fireplace inserts. RAIS has chosen to further develop its acclaimed designs known so well by many. Now the customer has yet another choice: wood or gas-burning.

    For all free-standing stoves from RAIS, you can also choose the colour, height, door type, handle and more.

    The new gas fireplaces run on natural gas, city gas, bottled gas and biogas. The combustion of gas releases practically no health-hazardous particles and far less CO2 than oil or coal.

    The many new gas fireplaces from RAIS are available now from RAIS dealers – and are being exported to a number of European countries and the USA. See more at rais.com


    For more information, contact

    Managing Director Henrik Nørgaard, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mobile: +45 2049 5995


    Managing Director Henrik Nørgaard with a RAIS VISIO 90 RD